This Time Around, “Miss Congeniality” is Preparing for Any Possibilities

Sandra Bullock isn’t taking any chances this time around.

After one disastrous and very public divorce, Sandra Bullock has a detailed prenup with several very specific—and protective—instructions.

Sandra-bullock-bryan-randall-02Sandra Bullock isn’t taking any chances this time around. Her pending marriage to photographer Bryan Randall is contingent on his signing an iron-clad prenuptial agreement.

A prenuptial agreement or "prenup" is a written contract created by a couple prior to marriage. It typically sets out the property that each person owns, as well as their debts, and details what each person's property rights will be after the marriage.’s recent article, “Sandra Bullock's Prenup Revealed,” reports that Sandra had a tough time after splitting up with Jesse James. Bryan voluntarily offered to sign a nondisclosure agreement, in which he agreed to never publicly discuss the relationship, even if it ends.  However, Sandra is also looking for a prenup to protect herself.

Bullock and Randall started discreetly dating in 2015. Even though the actress is head over heels in love, she won’t be blindsided like she was during her toxic marriage to James, which ended in 2010.

The prenup states that if the marriage ends, Bryan must immediately leave Sandra’s mansion, return all keys and remote controls for the garage and gates for all her homes. The prenup also states that all furniture, artwork and cars belong to Sandra. Any gifts that she buys him are on an inventory list kept by her lawyer and business manager. Bryan can keep those.

Most importantly, the prenup makes it clear that he has no legal rights to her adopted children, son Louis, 8, and daughter Laila, 6.

A friend commented that her children already call Randall “Dad,” but she’s been hesitant about making things official. While he may be hoping she reconsiders the restrictions on her children, getting Jesse to relinquish rights to Louis was a nightmare.

The friend added, “She won’t let history repeat itself.”

Reference: (July 27, 2018)“Sandra Bullock's Prenup Revealed”