George Michael’s Ex-Boyfriends Are Challenging his Estate

Not one, but two of the pop stars boyfriends are claiming that they should have been included in his will.

Not one, but two of the pop stars boyfriends are claiming that they should have been included in his will.

George MichaelPop legend George Michael’s multi-million dollar estate and properties were given to sisters Melanie and Yioda and no provisions were made for his ex-boyfriend Kenny Goss or Fadi Fawaz.

However, Trust Advisor’s recent article, “George Michael Exes in Legal Fight” reports that Kenny Goss, George’s former partner of 15 years, is claiming a large part of his estate on the grounds he helped the troubled singer through hard times, The Sunreports.

The American businessman has hired counsel He claims that George always told him he’d look after him, “see him right and that he would not want for anything,” a source said.

Due to the fact they were together for many years and Kenny really looked after George a great deal, he feels that George’s will doesn’t accurately reflect this.

Kenny joins Lebanese hairdresser Fadi Fawaz, who was with George for five years until his death on Christmas Day 2016, in challenging the will. Fawaz was instructed to move out of his ex-lover’s mansion.  Fadi also won’t inherit the three-bedroom home in London’s Regent’s Park, where he’s currently living. The Mirrorreports that his hopes of owning the property are “all but over.” An insider told the paper: “Fadi realizes his days there are likely to be numbered, as it’s been made clear he won’t be inheriting the place.”

“He’ll be sad to leave, as it’s where he and George shared so many happy moments.”

Fadi said earlier this year that he was forced to sell the car George gave him because of his debt. The Sunreported George’s possessions were being repossessed, after Fadi fell behind with payments on the singer’s North London home. He’s now selling off George’s possessions. In addition, the singer’s family also gave Fadi money, despite claims he’s broke.

Fadi was sleeping in his car on Christmas Eve 2016—the night of George’s death. He found George’s body in the morning and called the police.

Without a husband, children or obvious heirs, there’s been a lot of guessing about what will happen to George’s estate. He was godfather to two of Martin Kemp’s children, who might inherit some portion of the estate, as might Geri Halliwell’s daughter Bluebell—despite the fact that George’s ex-boyfriend Goss is her godfather.

George owned three high value properties in the United Kingdom–an $8.8 million house in Goring, Oxfordshire, a $19 million house in Highgate (North London) and a three-bedroom home in Regent’s Park in London. He bought and sold many luxurious properties around the world.

Reference: Trust Advisor (May 29, 2018) “George Michael Exes in Legal Fight”

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