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What Becoming a Client Means at Mastry Law

After working closely with hundreds of estate planning clients over the years we understand that there are some things everyone has in common when it comes to preparing your estate plan.

  • You want to make sure your assets are passed on to who you want them to go to;
  • You want your assets to be delivered to your beneficiaries when you want them to receive them (whether that’s immediately after your passing or at a later date when your beneficiary is more responsible and better able to handle the assets);
  • You want your assets to be transferred at the lowest possible cost to you and as easily as possible for your loved ones and beneficiaries;
  • If you’re a parent of minor children, you want to name a guardian for your kids so the court doesn’t end up naming one for you; and
  • You want your family taken care of when it matters most.

If one or more of these applies to you, then you’ve come to the right place and you’re doing the right thing by educating yourself about the estate planning process. Take a moment to read what others are saying about Mastry Law, P.A.

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The Mastry law process

When you come in for a consultation and become a client of Mastry Law one of the first things we’ll explain is that you’re going to receive good information that you can use so you’ll be better off when you leave the consultation than you were when you came in.

We want you to know that there are estate planning options available to fit your exact situation. At Mastry Law we like to compare our estate planning process to the Maps app on your smart phone.  Here’s how the analogy works: We know where you are on your estate planning journey today (whether you’re just starting your estate planning, or you put a plan in place many years ago and you’re coming in for a review or an update).  This is your starting point.  Then, you to tell us what’s important to you and your family from an estate planning standpoint so we’ll know where you want to go. This is your destination. 

It’s our job to recommend two or three legal routes to your destination, explaining which one is the most direct, and also explaining alternate routes that may not be quite as quick but will also get you there. We’ll point out all the legal pot holes and traffic jams along each route and then help you pick the one that you’re most comfortable with. Once you’ve decided on the route that’s best for you, we’ll prepare everything and be there guiding you to make sure you and your family arrive safely at your destination.

This analogy is particularly useful because of how well it illustrates the most important aspects of estate planning.

Answering your questions, addressing what’s most important to you and demystifying the estate planning process is our first goal.  This is of primary importance because without this information it is not possible for you to take control of your situation and make the decisions that are best for you and your family.  Until you’re able to take control of your own assets and your healthcare decisions, that control lies with the courts and it is their rules that will determine what happens to you and your assets.

Recommending options that allow you to arrive at your intended destination, and making sure you understand the pros and cons of each option is the next objective.  There is almost always more than one way to get you to your legal destination and we feel that it is our obligation to explain all of them to you.  Some of the ways may be less expensive now, but cost your family a lot of money in the future.  Others may cost a little more now, but save tens- or even hundreds-of-thousands of dollars later.  Some may allow you to retain control of your assets, while others may require you to give up a certain amount of control.  Regardless, we feel it is our obligation to present you with all the options and help you choose the one that you’re most comfortable with and makes the most sense for you and your family.

Preparing and executing the plan for you and offering turn-by-turn guidance along the way is the final piece that brings it all together.  The legal documents memorializing your plan and your wishes are a critical part of the process.  Without top-notch documents that follow all the ins and outs of the law, you may end up creating more of a mess than you ever thought possible.  We’ll make sure your documents follow the letter of the law and provide a clear and concise road map to your destination. 

But the documents aren’t the end of your estate planning; rather, they’re one component of a thorough estate plan.  You still need someone to make sure your plan works when you need it most.  That’s why we make sure we’re there with you at every turn along your route to assist you and to insure you’re still on track and your plan will get you and your family where you want to go.

When You Are Ready

When you are ready to become a client of Mastry Law, contact us with Mike Mastry and schedule your consultation!

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